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The grand jury in New York that failed to indict police officers in the death of Eric Garner failed police and the community. By shirking their duty they fomented tensions between officers and the community and raised the level of distrust. It is unlikely that a legal remedy can now be found. But we have not heard the last of Eric Garner nor should we. The New York Times looks at what comes next. 

A white police officer in New Jersey could learn this week if he will face charges in the death of a black man who was being questioned by police for selling individual cigarettes on a street near the Staten Island Ferry. The 43 year old man died after being placed in a choke hold which is prohibited by police department policy. The white officer is the only one charged in the case. Other officers present were given immunity. Activist Al Sharpton is on the ground has has led a peaceful protest through the neighborhood.

The story is being report by the New York Times. The same officer was at the center of a lawsuit, setteled earlier this year for $30,000, in which it was alleged he unlawfully stopped, frisked and strip searched 2 men in 2012.


The Director of the FBI visited the Mobile field office, one of the last to be visited, and predicted trouble ahead from U.S. born citizens who leave the U.S. and train abroad in terrorism training camps. He is worried about what will happen when they start to come home.

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Alabama's junior senator, Jeff Sessions, is blasting attempts by the Republicans to oppose President Obama's immigration amnesty plan by weakening language used during the campaign.

The story is in the National Review Online.


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President Obama and congressional republicans are clashing over the prospect of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Away from the political battlefield however there are ample reasons to oppose his policy. The Heritage Foundation offers and analysis. 

Administrative Amnesty: Unjust, Costly, and an Incentive for More Illegal Immigration details their reasoning. But in short, they argue that granting amnesty would be costly, unjust and will not stop the flow of illegal immigrants.



Obamacare is costing the democrats. Recently leading democratis senator Charles Schumer ignited a firestorm when he suggested the passage of the Affordable Care Act was a political mistake. Thomas B. Edsall offers his thoughts.

His column is in the New York Times